Discover the future

through innovative 3D printing technologies


For metal printing we use Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology. SLM is an additive manufacturing process where laser melts fine metal powder to form functional 3-dimensional parts layer by layer. This method is perfect solution for fast and cost-efficient way to produce high quality functional prototypes and end-use parts. SLM technology is used when strength and functionality of product is very important. This technology allows to create products with extremely complex geometries including elements such as free-form surfaces, deep slots and conformal cooling channels. SLM technology is widely used in automotive, packaging, healthcare and aviation industries.

Building volume: 250x250x280 mm

Available materials:

  • Maraging steel 1.2709
  • Stainless steel 316L
  • Aluminum AlSi10Mg
  • Other at special request


  • Functional prototypes
  • Molds for rubber parts
  • Injections molds and inserts
  • Small precision tools
  • Spare parts
  • Serial production of end-use parts

Free your mind

Depending on customer needs plastic printing can be done in three different technologies:

SLS technology

perfect solution for high quality and durability prototypes or small series of end-use parts. SLS technology allows to create products with extremely complex geometries as it doesn’t requires additional support structure.

Building volume: 340x340x600 mm
Available materials: Polyamide PA2200 or Glass filled polyamide PA-GF

FDM technology

perfect solution for fast and cost-efficient way for rapid prototyping to produce concept models for design verification.

Building volume: 250x250x300 mm
Available materials: ABS; PLA; PC; PET-G; PP

SLA technology

provides the best dimensional accuracy and surface quality. This technology is used for visual models and prototypes where the functionality is not so important.

Building volume: 380x380x250 mm
Available materials: Different resins

Mechanical properties, heat resistance and surface quality - these are the main criteria by choosing the right technology and material for your application. So after the first contact 3Dpro team will help you to choose the right AM technology for your specific needs.


  • Design and Functional proof of concept prototypes
  • Product performance & testing
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Serial production of end-use parts


Non-standard thinking, high productivity and customer tailored solutions – just a few things which makes 3Dpro unique in industrial design and engineering field. Our team of young and talented engineers offers the most innovative solutions for our customer’s individual and specific needs.

3Dpro offers engineering design services such as:

  • Modernization and automatization of industrial equipment
  • Designing of mechanical equipment
  • Product design development
  • Design optimization
  • Strength calculation and simulation
  • Technical consultancy


After proof of concept, we help our customers to organize the production. Wide range of reliable subcontractors allows us to materialize all the ideas no matter how crazy sometimes they are.

Subcontracted Capabilities:

  • Sheet metal processing
  • Welding
  • CNC machining
  • Painting
  • Assembly