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UAB “3D prototipai” is one of the first 3D printing and prototyping center in Baltic States.
We help you to develop prototypes in metal and plastic. We also offer unique solutions for
your specific products. Our creativity is infinite and after first contact we help to find
out which method fit the best for your product.

3D printing - New, innovative and promising production technology. It is the process by which digital 3D model is converted to real object, when product is built up layer by layer. 3D printing is not only a new way of materializing ideas, but also an excellent opportunity to check funcionality and ability of assembly of product before serial production.

We work with the latest technologies of 3D printing and we have many years of experience in engineering design. We are flexible and proffesional, so we can guarantee you effective and high quality production. Our goal is to find the best and most innovative solutions for your individual needs.

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