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Color Jet Printing (CJP) is a special 3D printing technology which allows to transform your ideas into photo-realistic concept models and prototypes in just a few hours, at a very low cost per part. Free up your creativity and discover new products faster and more convenient. Printed models benefit transportation, architecture, engineering, science, education, healthcare and many other areas. CJP technology use materials set to build strong, high-definition, full-collor concept models, assemblies and prototypes for design realization.

Material VisiJet PXL
Colour pilna CMYK paletÄ—
Tensile strength, MPa 14.2
Tensile modulus, MPa 9.45
Elongation at break, % 0.23
Flexural strength, MPa 31.1
Flexural modulus, Mpa 7.163
Building volume (xyz), mm 254 x 381 x 203
Layer thickness, um 100
Resolution, DPI 600 x 540